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W/C 08/03/21

'I have enjoyed setting up a science experiment using the flowers'


' I have found maths interesting as I have been finding out how to add and subtract money. I have also enjoyed making sure I know the value of the coins I am using'


'I have enjoyed being with my friends again because everybody has missed each other'


'I have enjoyed doing maths in class again'


'I have really enjoyed writing diaries'



What a fantastic week we have had. After the latest period of lockdown it has a joy being all together again. 



In literacy we have been looking at writing diary entries based on the story of Dear Greenpeace.


In Maths we revised our knowledge of the value of the notes and coins that we use. We have begun to add totals and subtract using money.


In science we have created a science experiment to see if the stem really does transport water up to the flower.