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7th May 2020

A message from our key worker children

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Tudor Games

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Here is some classic Tudor hopscotch going on!

Theme Park Ride

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A certain someone has been working really very hard on this, which is linked to his maths project, and I am thoroughly impressed with the outcome!



Sounds like everyone is still getting on really well with their theme park projects! This week's task is to finish up to task 14. How are your profits looking? Let me know!  


For our recap, I had someone ask if we could do multiplication.... so this week is multiplication!


As you know, we use column method for shorter calculations, and grid method for longer questions. It may surprise you, but a lot of the grown ups at home will never have been taught grid method! So here's what I want you to do- have a go at some to practise, using 2/3/4 digit numbers, and then I want you to teach the grown ups at home how to do it! Set them some questions, and mark their work for them. Feel free to send me their work, or a video of you teaching them, or pictures of them doing the work!


As always, here is a video to remind you:

multiplying two 2 digit numbers using grid method KS2 KS3

multiplying using grids by MathemAntics at The Homeschool centre is dedicated to teaching children maths in a fun and innovative w...



I've been 'super' impressed with all your superhero work you've sent me, there are some very imaginative ideas out there! Now that you know your superheroes a bit better, it's time to learn a lot more about them  and see them in action! As such, I have two tasks for you this week:


1) Write a biography or autobiography for your character. You have the checklist from the pack we sent home, so you should be okay for the features. Also, here is a link to where you can find a superhero biography already written!


2) We now need to get our character into some action. Consider this the planning phase for next week, where you will be creating a proper comic book. This week though, I want you to try and come up with a story line and show it in an interesting way. My iitial idea is someething very arty, such  as maybe a storybox using a shoe box! Create the back drop, then the characters, and show me the scene. Or maybe create little puppets and act out a puppet show? You are all very creative, so it will be great to see your ideas. If you are really struggling, a simple 5 part story mountain, like we do at school, will be okay. 




Thank you for your geography work, I feel that it's important to keep changing up the topic subjects. Having said that, I keep on hearing how much you have all enjoyed the Tudors! As such, because I'm nice like that, let's return to them and link it to our Geography!


- Find some images of Modern London, and also Tudor London. What similarities and differences can you spot? How you want to present this is up to you, it could be a Venn diagram, a spot the difference sheet, whatever you like.


- Francis Drake is a famous explorer from the Tudor times. Where did he go and what did discover? You can show your information in a variety of ways. This could be a biography, it could be a newspaper report, it could be showing his journey on a map, it could be a PowerPoint. You decide!


Reading and Mrs Wordsmith


Keep up the reading and accelerated reader tests! Here are your sheets for the week:





Why don't you have a go at one of these activities outdoors? Maybe use chalks on pavements, lay out words using sticks and twigs, that sort of thing- the more imaginative the better!

VE Day


May 8th is a very important day because it is VE day. On this day in 1947, Germany officially surrendered, which  marked the end of World War 2. As you can imagine, there were many parties everywhere- people were finally free for the first time in 6 years! Here are some ideas for you to celebrate the day! I'd recommend doing some research for all of these, maybe watch Winston Churchill's famous speech too!


- Create some authentic VE day celebration bunting to hang around your home, or even outside!

- Design or even make a medal that could be given to the soldiers who survived the war..

- Research food at the time- what would you serve at a VE day party? Create a menu, or even maybe have a go at baking something yourself!

- Write a diary entry of the day itself. How did you feel? What happened?


Added extras


Joe Wicks may have millions of followers, but a new guy is in town. Manea is being put on the map with weekly 'P.E. Challenges with Mr Tull.' These can be found on the classes page. I hope you enjoy the video, and have a go. Feel free to send over pictures or videos of how you got on, or just tell me in general : )


Unscramble the word:


L   A   U   E   S   M   R   O   V


Riddle of the week:


I walked through a field of wheat,

I picked up something good to eat,

It was white and had no bone,

In twenty-one days it walked alone.  

What did I pick up?