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8th June 2020

Hello again everyone! It's been lovely to hear from many more of you this week- it sounds like you had a great half term and are now back on the work! Let's have a look at the wide variety of work you have been producing:

The Riddler

Still image for this video
There are a few of you who manage to solve my weekly riddle, and this young lady is always on the ball!



With everything that's going on, unfortunately we won't be able to have a Year 6 production this year. However, my goal is to create such an epic video that it will make all future year groups wish we were doing a video instead! To do this I'm going to need your help, so please check out the new web page I have created. This will have all the instructions on what I need from you, and may be updated from time to time.

STOP! PROJECT WEEK! (I have updated with extra information and ideas a bit further down the page)


Here in year 6 we love a challenging project. We've had the chance to do the Maths Theme Park project, and also the Superhero project. Well this time, we are combining both subjects into one, using skills we have learnt throughout the year. So let's have a look at your new task!


Challenge: Create a Board Game based around maths.


Your goal is to create a maths board game this week. There are various steps and stages to this, so pay attention! Here are the various things you need to think about:


- What sort of board game is it going to be? What areas of maths are you going to focus on? For example...

                   Is it a game that involves rolling a dice and travelling the board a few squares at a time, where the winner is the first to get the finish line? Landing on certain squares could mean you have to draw a card and answer a maths question- right and wrong answers could see you go back and forth.  How can you make this more entertaining?


There are a lot of different board games out there that you can alter- you just need to try and involve maths in some way! I'm really excited to see how creative you all are.


- What else do you need to make?


Create the following items for your game:

            Theme: Create a theme for your game (sports, zombies, fashion, fantasy, space, etc)


Instructions: Must be clear, step-by-step instructions on how to play the game. They must include:

  1. Number of Players                                                4. Step by Step Instructions
  2. Materials Included                                                5. How a Player Wins
  3. Goal of the Games                                                6. Answer Key Included


Game Board: Design a colorful, neat board with a start to finish.

Game Pieces: Choose or create dice, pennies, rocks, paper pieces, tokens, etc. that fit your theme. There must be at least 4 game pieces.

Game Cards: There must be at least 20 game cards with problems. The answer key must be included on a separate paper.



So you have your instructions, your pieces and your board. It looks wonderful, so what's next?

Well.. you need to play it!


Having played it, now you need to review it. Use the skills you learnt last week to produce a detailed review.


Finally, you need to market it. How are you going to do that? A poster? A leaflet? A radio advert? A video advert? The world is your oyster!



Maybe your could create a box for the game to go in and have proper packaging!


As you can see, this is a mix of different English and maths skills. I hope you enjoy this project, and can't wait to see what you produce. Here is another link to offer some more things to think about:


Extra information


We  had a good discussion of ideas in class and here are some additional thoughts:


Pick a theme you are interested in. After a minute of talking about football, we designed a potential game where you make a pitch, a ball and a goal. You get asked questions and if you get it right, you have to flick the ball in the goal. If you get it wrong, you don't get to shoot but move further away from the goal. You could design boots or even kit to go on the players fingers!

Maybe players could go around and hunt for treasure on different islands, and get robbed by pirates if they get answers wrong.

Maybe you travel around, gaining money/ experience and building up a character... and by the end of a certain time the winner is whoever has the most levelled up character.


Think of a theme, and link your game to that. If you need ideas, let me know : )





I was genuinely amazed at the work you sent in for art last week! We will carry on our sketching skills for our final week of art, with a couple more challenges:

Cartoon Character Design for Beginners

Let's look at a different style of drawing!

How to Draw Expressions

Let's also have a look at facial expressions!

Have a go at creating your own cartoon character, or a cartoon version of yourself and let me see it!




Take yourself outside with some paper and pencils and sketch a background you can see. Then draw your new cartoon character in front of it all!

Reading and Mrs Wordsmith


Here are your texts as always:

Furthermore, keep up the accelerated reading tests. Also, Mrs Johnson is still doing an awesome job of reading the school books, so be sure to check that out on her page on the website! On top of all this, there is a summer reading challenge too- here is the link:


And the rest...


PE with Mr Tull is on hold temporarily whilst I get my head around being back at school. So keep up the Joe Wicks workouts and any of the previous challenges!


Countdown word:


U   T   O   Y   H   R   H   O   L   G




Two girls were born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same month and year and yet they're not twins.
How can this be?