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WB 05.07.21

It's the end of a fun-filled week in Elm Class, with the holidays drawing ever nearer.


In Literacy this week, our attention has turned to following and writing instructions. We have learnt that instructions have certain features like numbers, bossy verbs and time connectives. We have especially enjoyed watching Mrs Kyne's cooking videos on the school website, and seeing how she uses instructions when showing us how to make various tasty treats!


In Maths, we started the week by working on our multiplication and division skills, and ended looking at capacity. We had lots of fun measuring out different amounts in the water tray, and learning how to read scales in millilitres.


In our Foundation work, we have had a very exciting DT-themed week. Linked to our recent work on Handa's Surprise and our Literacy work on writing instructions, we have been tasting different fruits from the story and planning how to make a yummy, healthy fruit yogurt. Next week, we will make our yogurts and will write instructions for how to make them! Watch this space!


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend - IT'S COMING HOME!!!