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our work this week

We are continuing with our Elmer investigations.  We are reading lots of Elmer stories in class and discussing the different characters that are within the story.  We are finding out lots about Elmer in the story and have also used Non fiction books and the internet to find out about Jungles.  There are lots of different animals in the jungle and it sounds a very interesting place to be.


We decided together that we wanted to continue with our Elmer stories - retelling what we had been reading and also making up our own stories - so we created out very own Elmer Jungle using the information that we have gathered together.  This area is somewhere that we can explore further stories and we are really enjoying it.


In our literacy we have been reading more complex sentences and focusing very hard on our keyword recognition.  In maths it is all about subtraction - taking away.  We are working very hard and are enjoying applying this new skill with our ten frames.


We have also been investigating colour in more detail.  Did you know that if you mix a primary colour with another primary colour you would get a secondary colour.  We have mixed blue with yellow - red with blue and yellow with red.  What wonderful colours we have made - we have decided to create our own patchwork pieces to create our own Elmer!