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Please make sure you keep rehearsing your lines and the song for the production next week! All the resources you need are now in last week's homework folder. Thank you!


Please find below an example of a good newspaper report. Highlight or list all of the good features you can see in the newspaper report. 


This week in Maths we have been working on data handling and presentation. Please select on of the challenges below to complete. If you are working on medium level, choose three challenges to complete, one from each column. If you are working on spicy level you will need to make sure you complete all of the problem solving column. 


Group One 

co-operate, co-ordinate, co-author, re-educate, re-examine, re-evaluate, re-energise, wide-eyed, pig-headed, tight-fisted, cold-hearted, short-tempered, re-elect, rock-bottom, co-own


Group Two 

advise, advice, devise, device, practise, practice, license, licence, prophesy, prophecy, ascent, assent, cereal, serial


Group Three

both, Friday, Christmas, yes, thirteen, fast, gnat, blast, hot, fish, liked