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Wednesday 3rd

Don't forget to complete four hours of learning every day. Here is a suggested timetable for you. Don't forget to also look at the well-being page for activities to help you prepare for your return to school.


Click here to visit the main class page for your topic work, the class story and well-being work. 


LO: To recognise the ure trigraph 

Before we begin, practise reading this words. Some are real words and some are alien words. 

Now try this activity: 


Starter LO: To count forwards and backwards within 100. 

Have a go at filling in the missing numbers on these number lines. Don't forget to use the hundred square from your pack as support if you need to. 

Starter LO: To subtract within 100

Today I would like you to practise subtracting numbers using a hundred square. Have a go at the problems below. There's also a video which may help you. 



Starter LO: To form a sentence

Can you unjumble these words to form a sentence?

Starter LO: To use commas in a list when writing a descriptive sentence. 


Start by having a look at this picture of Mallory from the Spiderwick Chronicles. Write down three words you would use to describe something about her- e.g. her hair. 


Then use them to complete this sentence: 


Mallory has___________, ___________ and _______ hair. 


E.g. Mallory has straight, brown and tangled hair. 


Another example could be: Mallory's tshirt is white, blue and short sleeved. 


Continue using the idea of this. Watch the video below and write down sentences to describe the bird house and Jared. Use commas to list your ideas. Here are some sentence starters you could use: 


Jared looks _______________, ____________ and ______________. 

Jared's clothes are __________, ____________ and _____________. 

The new home is ____________, ___________ and ______________.



The Spiderwick Chronicles: Jared makes a new home for the brownie

Guided Reading

Starter: Do you remember the fib we looked at yesterday? What fibs do you think the boy will tell today?


Main: Just like yesterday, today we are going to be reading the next paragraph of text. I would then like you to respond by drawing a picture of the fib being told.