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W/B 10/6/24


This week we have continued our Setting Description unit. We have collected nouns linked to a Gingerbread House and have modified these by adding adjectives, expanded noun phrases and adverbials of place. We have also had a go at writing a cliffhanger ending to our descriptions.

Year 1 children have also all completed their Phonic Screen Checks this week - they all tried so hard! 



Year 1 have been comparing numbers up to 100 and have been using the symbols < > and =. Year 2 have been consolidating their Addition and Subtraction knowledge and have been completing work problems, choosing the most efficient method to solve. 



Our Topic this week is Science and we have had lots of fun completing activities for Science Week. On Tuesday, we had a visit from Dr Nicholson, a Chemistry teacher, who carried out a fantastic experiment investigating pH levels. We also enjoyed our trip to the Raptor Foundation. We learnt lots of amazing facts about owls and thoroughly enjoyed watching the amazing flying demonstration.