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W/B 6.5.24


This week we have continued to build our knowledge and key skills needed to write a diary next week. We have been learning about rhetorical questions, facts and opinions and how to structure an introduction. Next week, we will use these skills to help us write our own diaries from the point of view of Charles Darwin.



In Elm and Chery classes, the children have been learning about fractions and how to recognise halves. They have been cutting out and folding shapes to find half and have coloured shapes to show 1/2.

Children in Year 2 have completed their Maths SATs papers this week. We are all very proud of the effort they put in and the progress they have all made.



Our topic this week has been Geography. We have been labelling the countries of the United Kingdom and thinking about the physical and human features of different areas. We have also looking at mountains, rivers and coasts and explained their features. In our classrooms, we have created a large map and have enjoyed adding photos of places we have visited to it.