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This week in our learning walk we are continuing to focus on our latest book 'The Treasure Hunt'.  We discussed questions such as 'How can we work together?  How can we share our ideas and develop our skills to help Percy and the animals'

Have a look below and see some of our hard work:


In our other learning we have been focusing on positional language and pattern. We have been using our sound and keyword knowledge to write our recounts and captions to inform about our creations.  We have also been solving a problem for Percy - the rabbit has been stuck up a tree..... how can we get him down?  We have enjoyed the story 'The rescue party' - it did give us some ideas!

Please see the home link information above which has some handy activities to support learning at home.  If you require any additional information, please email

Our challenge..... To rescue Rabbit!

Poor rabbit had been stuck up a tree - what could we do to help him?  

Lots of discussion took place with the following ideas:

  • use the sandpit! - move it so we can stand in it to reach rabbit!
  • use a broom handle - I will catch him!
  • I am good at climbing trees- I could go up and get him!
  • And then pass him to me at the bottom!
  • I could jump up and get him
  • I could swing on the tyre and get him!
  • stand on tip toes!
  • throw some string up to him and then pull him down!
    get the carpets out of the building area and put them down for him to jump on!
    put something soft on the ground for him to jump on!
  • get a trampoline for him to jump down on!
  • We need Percy to get a rope and put a carrot at the end!
  • a safety net!

Then it was decided to get a ladder..... but we didn't have one so...... We decided to MAKE one!  Mrs Goude helped us and...... it worked!