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W/B 3/6/24


This week we have started our new unit, Setting Descriptions. Over the next few weeks we are going to be identifying the different features of a setting description and learning how to apply our prior skills to this text type, writing our own description of the Gingerbread House from Hansel and Gretel. We have focused this week on adverbials of time and using coordinating conjunctions to make our writing more exciting. 



Beech class have been recapping their knowledge of Place Value and numbers to 100. We have partitioned numbers into tens and ones and used part-part whole models to represent a variety of 2-digit numbers.

Elm and Cherry classes have been consolidating their understanding of numbers to 50 and have been ordering numbers using numberlines. 



This week we have begun our Science block, Animals Including Humans. We have thought about what the basic needs of all animals are and have begun to think about the life cycles of different animals. We are very excited to continue this learning next week on our trip to the Raptor Foundation.