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Dear Willow class,


It has been another week at home and we hope you are continuing to challenge yourself. It has been lovely to hear from some of you via e-mail. Remember if you are proud of something you have achieved during this time e-mail us we would love to hear from more of you. 


Just look at one of our friends below, he used the video link we posted last week to create his own drawing of a dragon. What a great amount of effort! I can also see some of the skills we learnt in class being used! 

We recently become very exited over one of the resources that has become available during our time at home. J.K Rowling (The author of the Harry Potter series) has created a Harry Potter at home hub. you can find it here


We know many of you were really enjoying the story we were reading.  J.K Rowling has also added an audio book version to Audible stories so that you can still enjoy listening to it! you can find it here 

Here are some tasks for the week!





Use the following video to help you add using a number line. Can you make different number lines to help you solve your challenges?


Remember try adding two single digits together first such as 5 + 7. After that try adding a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number such as 3 +19.

Can you make number lines to help you with your questions? Have a look at the questions below. Start with a 1* activity and then move onto a two ** activity.


Use the resources at the bottom of the page for maths to develop your understanding further.


In Literacy this week you or focussing on poems. See below for your task sheets.


How did you get on with French colours last week? Did any of you make any colourful creations?

This week have a look at this word search. Can you find any of the colours you researched last week?



Each morning Joe Wicks is uploading a P.E lesson for children onto his you tube channel. Here is the link to the playlist which he will update very regularly.


We are going to start learning about the water cycle. Please find the resources below and complete three different tasks.


Being a good friend is really important! Take a look at the cards below and write what you would do to help the person involved.


Watch the story ‘The Dot’ here :

What artwork could you create from this story?