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16th April 2020

Hi everyone, we hope you have had a lovely, sunny Easter?!

Here is this week's learning but please remember to look at the Ash class page for topic work that you can complete and celebrations of work from the children. We really do enjoy receiving them.

We would love to have a weekly update from all of you, to hear how you are getting on with your learning challenges, as a reminder our email address is: Please also email the above address with any questions you may have too.

Writing and Spellings

Practise spelling your CVCC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, Consonant) and CCVC words using this activity pack.

Would you like to try something different? Attached are some CVCC and CCVC words as pictures. A member of your family can hide these pictures around the house for you to find and then write down on the worksheet where you found it. Or, go on a scavenger hunt around your house or garden finding objects that are four letters long.

Use the pictures of the settings in the attachment to write sentences about using your CVCC and CCVC words. Remember, you can use the shared writing checklist to help you.

Would you like to try something different? Write about other settings: use photographs of places you have visited, settings from your favourite films or what you can see in your garden or through your front window.


Use the attachment below to read to, or share read with a member of your family. Share reading means you read one word, your family member reads another, then you read the next and so on. Or you can read it sentence by sentence. Then ask your family member to ask you the questions given on what you have read.


Practise your addition. Use a dice, or print off and make the attached one, and roll the dice to make numbers to add together.

You can add:

- two one digit numbers together

- a one digit with a two digit number together

- two, two digit numbers together.

What is the largest answer you can get? Or the smallest answer you can get?

Attached are some Easter themed addition resources for you to try too.


Would you like to try something different? Play snakes and ladders and read the numbers as you land on them. Then can you tell a member of your family one more and one less than that number? What is 10 more or 10 less than that number? Use the resources attached if you do not have snakes and ladders at home.