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22nd June 2020

Hello Ash Class!

We hope you are ok? You are doing really well and we are very proud of you.

Here are your maths, reading and writing tasks for this week. Remember to keep checking the class page for the foundation subjects too.

Please send any work to the email address!

From Mrs Revell and Miss Bridges.

Story writing

Draw out 6 to 8 boxes on a piece of paper and draw out a story using the boxes. Underneath each picture write a sentence. Think about the 100 high frequency words you have been learning at home and how you can use them in your sentence writing.

Alternatively, you can use the template in the attachment below.


What can you do with the number 15?

How many times do you see it in the day?

Count out 15 objects, can count back again.

What is one more than 15? What is one less?

What is 10 more than 15? What is 10 less?

Draw out the number using your finger in the air?

Which two numbers do you add together to make 15? Can you find another two?


Keep listening to the audio books from David Walliams and Mrs Johnson on the class page of this website.

Keep up with you Oxford Owl reading and reading books from home.