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6th July 2020

Dear Ash class,

You are doing really well with your learning. Remember when completing the work below, please also look at the main Ash class page under the class page tab, for the foundation work that you need to also try. Keep sending in your work to the email address. We love to see your work!

From Mrs Revell and Miss Bridges.


Maths - Symmetry in 2D shapes

1) Go on a 2D shape hunt around your house and your garden. What 2D shapes can you find?

2) Now watch this video teaching you what a line of symmetry is.

3) A line of symmetry is when you split an object or a shape in half it is the same on both sides.

Can you find the lines of symmetry in the shapes you found in your house or garden?



Literacy - Activity 1

Look at the picture above. What do you think is happening? What do you think has happened before this picture was taken? What do you think will happen next?


Using the shared writing checklist you have used before, write three sentences about the picture.

Literacy - Activity 2

Look at the picture above of the treehouse. Now, find some twigs, leaves and pebbles etc on a walk or in your garden and make your very own treehouse.

Draw a picture of your treehouse and label it.

Then write sentences about the picture. You can use the shared writing checklist to help you. Write sentences telling the reader who is living there, where is it and what the weather is like there.

Remember to send in your work to the class email address!

Reading comprehension

Ask a member of your family if you can read one of your books to them. Ask them to ask you up to 5 questions on it. Can you answer them? Draw a picture of the book and label it.


Remember, to use the David Walliams audio link and Mrs Johnson's storytime to listen to. You can also draw a picture of these books too!