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Tuesday 19th

Good Morning


Duration: 15 minutes


While you are at home, we will be focusing on reading and spelling high frequency words. Please read the following words: 








Can you read the following sentences and fill in the missing words. 

Phonics - igh 

Phonics igh 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Now read these words and draw a picture for each one. As an extra challenge- can you use them in a sentence?


LO: To describe: 


I would like you to imagine you came across your own portal to another land. Where is it? Is it in the woods? The shop? Use somewhere around Manea. How would you be feeling? Write from the perspective of one of the children in the story and show them walking through your portal.


Task: Draw a picture of your portal and label with descriptive words-you could use the word mats from your pack. 

Guided reading: 

LO: Decode words for reading. 


Read this text and answer the questions. 



LO: To recognise that time can be measured in minutes and seconds. 

Start by practising your seven times tables. 


Warm-up/ Counting practise: Let’s warm up today by practising our counting. Go outside if possible, and see how many star jumps you can do in one minute. Count each time you jump. Try again and see if you can get even higher.



Explore time. Investigate how long it takes you do certain activities around the house e.g. hoovering your living room. Running around your back garden.


Write down the time of each activity you complete and then order them from shortest to longest.