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Tuesday 26th


Please write out these sentences and try to fill in the missing words. 

Phonics: To read words containing the ar digraph

Watch the video below, which will introduce you to the ar digraph. 

Then practise reading these words: 

Literacy:  To plan a story

Warm up: Think of at least two adjectives (describing words) to describe this picture. Then use them in a sentence. To help you, think of the snow we had at the weekend. 

Main: To plan a story.  

Yesterday, you created characters for your story. Today , we are going to think about what will happen to them when they enter your magical land. Watch the video below with Miss Bridges, to help you to think about how to make your plot interesting. 


Then use your story mountain from your pack to plan your story. If you cannot find it, you could fold a piece of paper into eights and plan your story as a storyboard. 


LO: To understand what I have read.   

Read the short sentences and then add more information to the pictures based on what you have read.  


Starter: Warm up today by practising your number bonds to 10 using the rainbow activity below. 


Main: Today we are going to add using practical resources. Find things from around your house which will help you count e.g. toy cars, coins, money etc. 


Now try to solve 14 +6. Count out 14 and then add on 5 more objects. How many do you have altogether? Use these resources to solve the following problems: