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Wednesday 27th


LO: To read a text containing the AR sound. 

Remind yourselves of how to read words containing the ar digraph . Play the game below. Roll a dice and practise reading the words next to the number you land on. 

Now read the text below. How many words containing the ar digraph can you find?



Literacy:  To write a story beginning 

Warm up: Think of at least two adjectives (describing words) to describe this picture. Then use them in a sentence.

Main: To write a story beginning 

Remember our over goal this week is to write our own adventure story. It needs to include your characters entering a portal, in Manea, which takes them to a new land. Whilst there they embark on some form of an adventure- and meet other mythical creatures. 


Have a look at this website to help you think about what your adventure story needs to include. 


Most stories have a beginning, middle and end.

  • In the beginning, establish your setting and characters.
  • In the middle, you could add conflict and a problem to solve.
  • At the end there could be a dramatic rescue. The ending could be happy or sad.


Today we are going to start to write our beginnings. 

Guided Reading

LO: To understand what I have read.   

Read the short sentences and then add more information to the pictures based on what you have read.  



Starter: Warm up today by practising your number bonds to 10. 

Main: Today we are going to add using a number square. You will find one of these in the packs that were sent home. Watch the video below: 

Simple addition using a hundred square

Now have a go at solving the following problems- counting on using your hundred square.