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1st June 2020

Hello from Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell


Hello Ash Class!


Welcome to our final term of year four. It may not be quite how we were imagining it, but let's keep going and finish year four the best way we can. 


Remember each day you should be doing Reading, Writing, Maths and topic work. You should also try to fit in some sensory circuits activities and lots of opportunities to talk. Don't forget to look through all of the resources Mrs Revel has added for your normal interventions. 

A celebration of learning from Mrs Revell

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A message from Miss Bridges

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This week's challenges:


Remember for all of your topic challenges- have a look at the main class page. This week is Science and is all about changing states e.g. melting and freezing! You could also make up your own experiments to explore these processes. You also need to look at the main class page for you well-being activities. 



Keep  on practising your reading at home. That could be a reading book, a magazine a menu etc. 

- Then draw a picture about what you have read. Could you draw a story board?

- Draw a picture of the main character and list 5 words to describe them.


Here is an activity based on the 'igh' sound. We can't forget to practise our sounds as these will help us with our reading. 



This week we are thinking about what characters would say to one another. Below I have attached some pictures from the story "The Twits". Write a sentence for each to show what you think the character is saying. Can you include the key word said and because? Say your sentence outloud three times before you write it and count out the words on your fingers. 



This week we are thinking about adding. 


Task one: Practise adding using practical equipment e.g. stones from the garden. Can you solve problems such as 18+4? 25+ 9? Challenge yourself to harder numbers if these are easy. 


Task two: Practise solving problems using money. Use objects from around your house and give them prices e.g. 7p , 19p, 24p. Choose two items and add these together to work out the total cost. 


Task three: Have a go at the following sheet: