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21st May 2020

Hello from Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell


Hello Ash Class!


We have hit our final week of this term- and what a glorious week it has been. We hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather that we have been having. Don't forget to put lots of sun cream on!  


Next week is half term, so there won’t be any new challenges uploaded on Thursday 28th May.  When we return we will be changing which day we upload your weekly home learning challenges, instead of a Thursday it will be on a Monday.  This will begin on Monday 1st June.


On Wednesday this week, we were really blown away by some lovely messages pinned to the bushes outside of school. 


Seeing these pictures really made us smile during a time that is quite challenging. 


Challenge 1: Let's keep this going- We're challenging you to think of someone else you really appreciate. Can you draw them a picture/ write a letter to show them why you appreciate them? It could be your family, the postman etc. 

PE Challenge: 

As well as the challenge below- don't forget to look at Mr Tull's PE page. 


This week I would like you to look at this pictures of the Twits. How many words can you think of to describe them? Write these in a list. (I've attached a word mat that could help). Now use your words in sentences, can you use the words 'and' and 'because' to make your sentences longer? 


What do you think Mr and Mrs Twit are saying to each other? Can you explain your ideas to somebody in your family? You could pretend you are Mr Twit! 


Have a go at writing down what you think Mr Twit is saying. 



This week let's think about bar charts.



Activity 1: Collect your own data. It's your choice what you do this on. It could be that you sit in your garden and count all the different types of insect you see. You could speak to your family on the phone and find out the most popular chocolate bar. 


Activity 2: Present your data in a bar chart. You'll need to use a ruler and carefully work out your scale- make sure each section is the same. Or you could have a go at making your bar chart using practical equipment like the one below. 


Activity 3Ask yourself questions about your graph e.g. what is the difference between the number of children that chose blue and green? 


Think of a number between 18 and 28. What can you do with this number? Can you count objects to this number? Can you say one more than this number, one less? Can you say 10 more than this number, and 10 less? Does it appear in any of your times tables or on your times tables rockstars? Can you think of an addition or subtraction calculation that this number is the answer to? Can you draw the number?


Listen to an adult reading a short story to you. You can use the David Walliam's audio book link below, or listen to Mrs Johnson reading the weekly book on the class page.

Then draw a picture of part of the story and label it. Explain the picture to an adult of what you have drawn. This can be broken down to small chunks each day if you want to use a longer story.

For all of your topic work- don't forget to look at the class page. You can find the link below. 

Remember if you have any questions or want to share your work with us get your parents to email the class email address:


Thank you- keep up the hard work and be the best that you can be. 


 Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.