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30th April 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all ok? You are doing really well in continuing to learn at home and we are very proud of you.

Please continue with using the times tables rockstars and reading books to complete the accelerated reader tests at home. 

Below are some more reading, writing, spelling and maths activities for you to try, but also have a look at the work page (prior to this page) to look at the speech and language, sensory and fizzy and other activities that you can also try in addition to our class page for topic work.

Remember, keep sending in your work to email address. We love to see your work.

Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.


Continue with practising your CVCC and CCVC words. Use photographs, pictures from books or the following pictures to practise spelling these words, then use them in a sentence.

You can view the pictures in the document below to help you spell these words.



  • Keep finding every opportunity to read to an adult at home.
  • Ask an adult to give you a page of a book for you to find one of the high frequency words from your sheet on. Can you make a tally of how many times it appears? Repeat this using another high frequency word.
  • Use the David Walliams or Mrs Johnson's link from last week to listen to a book and draw the picture of the piece of reading you are listening to. Label it and tell an adult about it.



Practise your dividing calculations. Write out your 5 times tables and then write the corresponding division question, e.g.

2 x 5 = 10           10 divided by 2 = 5, 10 divided by 5 = 2


Check if they are right using objects around the house, e.g. find 10 buttons and then divided them into 2 groups. Is there 5 in each group?



Think of a number between 30 and 50. What can you do with this number? Can you count objects to this number? Can you say one more than this number, one less? Can you say 10 more than this number, and 10 less? Does it appear in any of your times tables or on your times tables rockstars? Can you think of an addition or subtraction calculation that this number is the answer to? Can you draw the number?