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14th May 2020

Hello Ash class,

We hope you are well? Please see the video by Mrs Revell below. She is setting you a story writing task. Remember to continue with practising your times tables rockstars, reading and learning your 100 high frequency words, and look back at the main class page for topic lessons.

Stay safe, Mrs Revell and Miss Bridges.

A message from Mrs Revell

Still image for this video

Literacy task

As mentioned in Mrs Revell’s video write a story about your very own chocolate bar. Use the shared writing checklist to help you with this. Try and get as many 100 high frequency words in as possible to help you practise these.

Then read your story to another person in your household. Ask your family member to ask your questions on your story for you to answer.

Maths task

A chocolate bar can be lots of different weights depending on how big they are. The most common weights are: 30 grams, 60 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams. Find things around your house to weigh. How many things can you find that weigh these weights? Find and list as many as you can and send them into the ash class email. Remember to use things from outdoors too (Outdoor learning opportunity).

Then put the items in order of weight starting with the lightest and finishing with the heaviest.

Add two weights together. What is the total weight?

Take one weight from another. What is the difference?


Think of a number between 15 and 25. What can you do with this number? Can you count objects to this number? Can you say one more than this number, one less? Can you say 10 more than this number, and 10 less? Does it appear in any of your times tables or on your times tables rockstars? Can you think of an addition or subtraction calculation that this number is the answer to? Can you draw the number?


Listen to an adult reading a short story to you. You can use the David Wallaim's audio book link below, or listen to Mrs Johnson reading the weekly book on the class page.

Then draw a picture of part of the story and label it. Explain the picture to an adult of what you have drawn. This can be broken down to small chunks each day if you want to use a longer story.