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19th March 2020



We hope you have all enjoyed your first few days of home learning. Although it's certainly different, by now you should be getting used to working from home. This year, Ash have worked  really hard to develop a growth mindset and find new ways to challenge ourselves and find learning opportunities wherever we can- this is the perfect time to put this into practise. This page will give you different ideas which you can continue your learning at home with. Both myself and Miss Bridges will be updating this page on a Thursday each week, covering subjects such as Maths, Literacy, Science and topic work. Please keep us up to date on how you are doing by asking your parents/carers to email the class email address- 

Please also remember to use the websites that are listed on the Ash Class children's page and continue with your daily reading and times tables practise using Times Tables Rockstars

Maths - Subtraction
Literacy - Spellings

Literacy - Writing

Using the words from the worksheet under the Literacy - Spellings section, write sentences with these words in. The worksheet below will help you follow the shared writing process.

Music, Speaking and Listening

Listen to a piece of music. Tell a member of your family the answer to the questions below:

What do you like about the music?

What do you not like about the music?

What instruments can you hear?

What does the piece of music remind you of?

How does the piece of music make you feel? Why?

Keeping healthy: 


We all know it's important to complete lots of exercise to keep you healthy. Below are a few videos that you can use to inspire you to keep moving. 

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Alfie | The Body Coach TV

8 minute kids workout 😊

If you have any questions, then your parents/carers will be able to email myself and Miss Bridges using the

Thank you, Mrs Revell.