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Dear Willow class!


How are you? We have been missing you and hope you are doing well! Please find your maths and literacy tasks for this week below. Then you can visit our class page for things to talk about our topic work.


Please e-mail any work at


What can you do with the number 15?

How many times do you see it in the day?

Count out 15 objects, can count back again.

What is one more than 15? What is one less?

What is 10 more than 15? What is 10 less?

Draw out the number using your finger in the air?

Which two numbers do you add together to make 15? Can you find another two?

Watch the video below. If you have a clock in your house see if you can tell an adult when you notice it is an o'clock time or a half past time!

How to tell the time - o'clock and half past | Kids Educational Videos

Learn how to tell the time with this Kiducation UK series. Learning to tell the time is a long and challenging process and there will be plenty more videos o...

Find your literacy work below.