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Dear Willow Class,

It has been wonderful hearing from so many of you this week and we have so much to celebrate!

We hope you are all keeping well and you are making us so very proud of your ability to persevere during this time.

Remember you can e-mail us at with anything you want to share or ask. We are still here for you.

We understand that there may be issues with resources to print things off at home. We have tried to make it a bit easier and will keep trying to reduce the need to print. But remember with maths you can draw your own charts and number lines if you need to!

As an extra note the BBC have released lots of content on their red button and their bitesize pages. Look below for the schedule that may help!




This week I want you to make up some of your own number cards using materials you find around the house. Maybe you have some paper? Maybe you could use some boxes from your recycling. Make some number cards starting from 0-20 can you hide them around the house and find them in order?


If you need a bigger challenge make number cards past 20. Can you order them from highest to lowest?


Can you compare two numbers? Which is more, which is less?


Look below for your literacy tasks using George’s Marvellous medicine as inspiration.


Watch the clip about the game ‘La Marelle’ Does it remind you of a game that we play? How is it similar? How is it different?


Watch the game and practise your numbers 1 – 10 in French. Can you make your own version in your garden?


Each morning Joe Wicks is uploading a P.E lesson for children onto his you tube channel. Here is the link to the playlist which he will update very regularly.


Learn about the importance of team work using the link below:


If you still have your version of the worksheet that the above link uses can you add anything new to it? If not could you make a colourful poster of what you have learnt about team work?

Design Technology

This term we are going to be focussing on Shell Structure.

This week we are going to explore existing shell structures around our home. You will need to gather a collection of packaging from your recycling in order to do this. Cereal boxes are a great option! Try and find more than one shape of box if possible and send us a picture of what you used.

To begin with look at your boxes and think about the following questions


What is the purpose of the shell structure – protecting, containing, presenting? What material is it made from?

How has it been constructed?

Are the materials recyclable or reusable?

 How has it been stiffened i.e. folded, corrugated, ribbed, laminated?

What size/shape/colour is it?

What information does it show and why?

How attractive is the design?

Next week we are going to be looking at the nets of these structures so try and keep them safe or find different ones for next week.


Also wat the video below to pre learn the key idea we will be learning.