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Dear Willow Class,

How are you all? What a week it has been! We are really missing you! We hope you are well and staying safe. We have been to school a few times this week to help the children who have parents that need to help our country in their jobs at this time. Remember you can e-mail us at It would be nice to hear from some more of you! Below are some ideas that we want you to think about over the next week. Your parents may have found some lovely things on the internet too. Remember to try your best and do a little each day.

Also we have missed reading to you so we have found a website that have free audio books! 21122356011?ref=adbl_ent_anon_ds_ds_dccs_sbtp-0-1

Click on the link above and you should have a wide range of stories that you can listen to. Remember to try and listen to 20 minutes of a story each day! You could make a diary of all the stories you hear over this time.

Continue to be the superstars that you are and keep trying your best.




Practise your step counting. Focus on your 2 count, 5 count and ten count. How high can you go? See below for some resources.


You have been looking at myths and legends in school. (See below for resources) use the resources to help you plan and write your very own myth or legend! Remember that this process takes just over a week! Try and be as imaginative as you can!


We have to take a break from learning about French vocabulary about our home for now. In class a lot of you really enjoy French so I am setting you a challenge to research the colours mentioned on the work sheet below. How many colours are you going to be able to tell me when we next see each other?


Each morning Joe Wicks is uploading a P.E lesson for children onto his you tube channel. Here is the link to the playlist which he will update very regularly.


Use the resources below to either print out the activity sheet and answer the questions or if you are unable to print create a poster about what cyber bullying is.




I want you to think about how wonderful you are because sometimes we can forget! I have attached a worksheet you can use but I think you can do a much better job and you are far more creative. Use the headings on the sheet to make a poster, a film anything you like! Celebrate being you!


You all really enjoyed watching a video to help you draw a Viking longboat. Now can you try drawing a dragon?


When thinking of your story focus on thinking about the beginning, middle and end.