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26th March 2020

Congratulations on surviving your first few days of home learning. Please remember the most important thing right now is to stay happy and healthy. Don't stress yourselves out over any work, if your interests take you in a different route to some of the topic work we have set then email us at and share your learning with both of us. We were really missing seeing all of your lovely work- but had a few fabulous emails that made us smile. Don't forget to send in your photos or work so that we can celebrate your learning too! Check out Ash class' main page for celebrations from week one.

Please remember to use the websites that are listed on the Ash Class children's page and continue with your daily reading and times tables practise using Times Tables Rockstars.


Writing and spellings

Here are some pictures for you to work out and write down the names. At the end pick a picture or two a write a sentence about the item in the picture. You can use the Shared Writing checklist with an adult to help you.


Would you like to try something different? Here are some crosswords to help you with your spellings. Look at the pictures and write the words in the spaces. Then have a go at creating your own. We would love for you to send them to the for Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell to complete!


Read the sentences in these attachments and work out the missing word.



Would you like to try something different? Pick a word from the high frequency word list and count how many times it appears on a page in a book, newspaper, comic book any piece of writing that you like.


How many different ways can you make the following amounts?

10p, 20p, 30p, 40p and 50p? You can use the sheets below or ask your parent/carer if you can do this practically.

What 2D/3D shapes can you see in these pictures?



Would you like to try something different? Look around your home or in your garden. What 2D and 3D shapes can you see? The more the better.

Or take a picture of your garden and print it off. Then label all the different shapes that you can see. We'd love to see them!