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Dear Willow Class,


How are you all? It has been lovely hearing from some of you this week! Take a look at some of the work that has been sent in! We hope you are all doing well and continuing to challenge yourselves! We know it is very difficult at the moment but we can do this!


What can you do with the number 18?

How many times do you see it in the day?

Count out 18 objects, can count back again.

What is one more than 18? What is one less?

What is 10 more than 18? What is 10 less?

Draw out the number using your finger in the air?

Which two numbers do you add together to make 18? Can you find another two?




This week with time i want you to see how long it takes you to do different activities. Ask an adult to use a timer on their phone to see how long you spend doing things. 

What did you spend the MOST time doing? What did you spend doing the LEAST amount of time on?



How to tell the time - o'clock and half past | Kids Educational Videos

Continue to practise telling the time!