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2nd April 2020

This week we have seen some amazing efforts from children working at home and it's been a real pleasure to have messages from lots of children in Ash class who are eager to share their work with us. We would love to hear a weekly update from all of you, to hear how you are getting on with your learning challenges, as a reminder our email address is:

Please look at our Ash class page for celebrations of work and reminders of how much work you need to complete. It also gives you other areas other than reading, writing and maths.

We hope you are all well and looking forward to Easter? 

This is the last time we will update the web page until Thursday 16th April so that you have some time to enjoy an Easter Break.

Writing and Spellings


Use the attached pictures to write sentences about. Remember to use your phonics to spell the words correctly!

Use the picture in the attachment to write your own sentences about what you can see. Then do the same for your own home. What can you see in your living room, kitchen, hallway etc?


Would you like to try sometime different? Do this with a family member. Both of you write a sentence about what you can see in the room or the garden, without the other person seeing. Then compare them.



Read the sentences on the attached powerpoint. You can read these straight from the computer, or print off the second attachment to read.

Would you like to try something different? 

Match the sentences with the correct picture.

Ask someone to hide the pictures and the sentences around the house/garden and you find them to match.

Play pairs with the sentences and pictures.


Representing a number in different ways.

Think of a number (or ask a family member for a number) and find different ways it can be represented. If the number was 20 then can you find 20 things of the same object? Can you make that amount in money? Which two numbers can you add together to make 20? Which two numbers can you subtract/multiply/divide to make 20? How many times does the number 20 appear on programmes on the TV/book? What is one more and one less than this number, what is 10 more and 10 less than this number?

Times tables

Practise your 5 times tables using the board game below.

Would you like to try something different? Play throw and catch with a family member and practise your times tables as you catch the object. You can use a variety of times tables.

Missing numbers

Complete the worksheets below, by filling in the missing numbers.



Would you like to try something different? Write out the numbers from the worksheet onto the pavement outside in chalk (remember to ask an adult first). Write in the missing numbers. These can then be changed to numbers going up/down in 5s, 2s and/or 10s to help practise your time tables.


Set up a shop at home, by using some items and putting prices on them. Ask you parent/carers first so they know which items you are using. Then ask family members to come and pretend buy items from you. They must buy at least two things from you so you can add the two prices together and give them the total amount.