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7th May 2020

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all doing well?

It is VE Day on Friday 8th May.  We would like you to find out more about it and celebrate it by completing the activities below. Remember to send any work that you have to the class email page

Many thanks, Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.

A quick hello

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Celebrating VE day

Visit the powerpoint below to learn what is VE day and why we celebrate this – this can be viewed on your laptop/ipad/iPhone/tablet so please do not feel that you need to print this.

Now design your own party by doing the following. You can choose an activity to do each day:

  • Design and write an invitation to the people you would like to invite. Remember to tell them where it is going to be, time and date.
  • Write a shopping list of the food and drink you would like at the party.
  • Using a grocery/supermarket app, search for each of the items on your food/drink list and write down the price of each item.
  • For each item find the exact money by asking someone in your family if you can borrow their coins. Then practise adding two of the items together to find the total. Repeat this several times.
  • Design some bunting to put up as decorations for your party.
  • Write down a list of games that you would like to play. Are there any new games? Can you design a new game and write the instructions for it?
  • Write a list of music that you would like to play at the party. Why have you chosen those pieces of music?

You can then write about what your party would be like. Think about the following questions – Who came to your party? Who danced and made you laugh? Who ate all the cake? Did everyone have a good time? Why/why not?


Outdoor learning opportunity

Present a news report on the party. Write you what you would like to say as a reporter then present it in front of your family. If you decide to film it then we would love for you to send it to for Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell to see.


Here are some history tasks you can do in relation to VE day:

Find out who the royal family were at the time of VE day. Who was the King or Queen or both?


Draw the family tree from the royal family at the time of VE day to today’s royal family?

Find out who the Prime Minister was at the time of VE day. Why is he so famous, even now?


Draw a picture of him and write some sentences about him underneath.


Remember to practise spelling and reading your 100 high frequency words and sentence writing, whilst completing the tasks above. Keep logging into times tables rockstars each day and accelerated reader.


Good luck and have lots of fun with your party!