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Curriculum Overview

Manea Community Primary School Curriculum 

Mr Lenton is our curriculum leader and is responsible for Geography, History, Art, DT, RE, PSHE and French (and is currently overseeing computing).

Mrs Southby is our Literacy Lead.

Miss Gascoigne is our Maths Lead.

Miss Bridges is our Science Lead.

Mrs Robinson is our PE Lead. 

Mrs Bevan is our Music Lead.

If you would like to contact any of the leaders for these areas of the curriculum please contact the school office


We are proud to be ..... 

  • a school that develops children's understanding and skills through an enquiry approach to learning through continuous provision throughout Early Years and KS.
  • a Rainbow Flag School,
  • a Forest School
  • a school that has achieved the Silver Primary Science Quality Mark
  • a school that loves to use our outdoor space for learning and investigating
  • We use our Fenland home of Manea as a local study throughout children's time in school

At Manea School, we believe that all children should have access to a curriculum which will challenge, motivate, stimulate and enhance their learning as well as being an enjoyable experience. We value and respect that children learn in different ways and we differentiate our planning to meet these needs.

We promote the "forest schools’ initiatives" within our school. These means we make the most of our local environment and woodlands to enhance our curriculum. Click on the link to our forest school page to find more information about this.   

Within our school we are working hard to develop cross-curricular links. This mean we try to make links between subjects to enhance the children's learning opportunities. As part of this, the children will experience at least one inspiration day each term.