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Emotional activities

Recognising emotions - happy, sad, angry, scared

Regularly talk about the above feelings. What does happy/sad mean? You can use the attached feelings card or draw each one on a separate piece of paper to use.

Talk about what makes you/your child happy and sad. Write them down or draw them. Talk about how you/your child is feeling when you wake up in the morning, at midday and in the evening. Talk about why you think you/your child is feeling like this?

Add in angry and scared when your child is confident what happy and sad means.

Celebrate what is amazing about your child. Ask them to tell you, write or draw what makes them amazing!

Emotions in a story

Read a book or watch a movie. What emotions do you recognise? How do you know the character is feeling sad? How do you know they are feeling happy? Why?


Draw a picture of your favourite character from a story. Draw them as happy, sad and angry. What are you changing to show the different emotions?