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Friday 29th



Duration: 20 minutes


Using your new spellings, you should complete the activity below. 






Duration: One hour

Learning Objective: To write your story in best. 


Today, you are going to write your story up in best. That means, you will be focusing on the presentation. Have a look at the examples below. You don't need to read them - I just want you to look at how they have been laid out. 

  • Now you are going to write your story. You will need the bordered paper that came in the pack we sent home. If you can't find this, some lined paper will be just as good. Or you could use blank paper and draw the lines on yourself. 
  • Please find a good pen. This should be blue or black. 
  • You will need a title to your story. Make sure this is written at the top, in the centre of the page and underline it with a ruler. 
  • Write the date in the top left hand corner and underline this also. 
  • You will now copy your story using your best handwriting. Don't worry how long it is, just make it the best it can be. 
  • If you make a mistake, cross it through lightly.


Duration: 20 minutes


Learning Objective: To understand what I have read. 

Read the short sentences and then add more information to the pictures based on what you have read.  



Duration: One hour



Learning Objective: To find the perimeter of a shape. 


Please watch the video to remind yourself how to find the perimeter of a shape. 

Maths - Perimeter Song


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To know ways to stay safe as a pedestrian. 


Please watch the attached video. Have some paper and a pen (or a whiteboard and pen if you are in school) handy as there will be some questions for you to answer during it. If you prefer, you can discuss your answers with someone instead of writing them. 

Road safety - Rules

Now watch the second attached video on road safety. 

The Moe Show - Road Safety

Have a look at these pictures and decide whether each one is a safe or unsafe place to cross. Try to give reasons for your answer. 

Independent task: Create a poster explaining about 'Stop, Look, Listen. 


Duration: 20 minutes


What  makes someone 'popular'? 

What makes someone 'unpopular'? 


Have a think about the questions above and answer them quickly. 


Now, think about these questions below and discuss them with someone: 


What does the term being 'popular' mean to you? 

How do you know whether someone is 'popular'? 

Can you think of a 'popular' person you know? What is it about them that makes them popular? 

Can you think of an 'unpopular' person? What is it about them that makes them unpopular? 

Is being 'popular' something you can change? 

What could you do to make yourself more 'popular'? 


Often, the nicest people are the most popular. What nice things could you do for others? 


Duration: 10 minutes

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