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Lego Therapy

What is Lego Therapy?

WHAT IS LEGO THERAPY? // Lego Therapy is a structured activity that helps children practise social communication and language skills within a small group. I...

The above link explains what Lego Therapy is. It needs three people to take part. Each person takes on the role of either the Builder, Supplier or Engineer.


Engineer - This person tells the Supplier what bricks they need to pass to the Builder without showing them a picture of the brick. The Supplier can ask questions about which brick is needed for clarification.

Supplier - The Supplier listens to the Engineer to work out which brick is needed to pass onto the Builder.

Builder - The Builder listens to the Engineer who then tells them how to place the brick so that the model is made.


Any lego model can be built, using any lego instructions. This is a really good programme which develops the speaking and listening skills of children.