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Maths at Manea Primary School

We incorporate all aspects of learning within our Maths at Manea Primary School. We teach Maths to deliver a clear progression of Maths throughout the school, valuing the importance of challenging children.

We support the children with Maths via outdoor learning, challenges, investigations and incorporating it into other areas of the curriculum.

Outdoor learning

The children learn Maths through outdoor learning in a variety of different ways. Some of the ways include: practising their measuring skills in the mud kitchen, go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt developing their use of shape vocabulary, an angle hunt, practising their times tables using skittles, and finding fractions of number.


In Maths lessons the children are given a variety of differentiated activities which allows all the children to meet their learning objectives but at their level which enables them to challenge themselves. Challenge is a concept that is encouraged throughout the curriculum and with each other.


Children are given Maths investigations which enables the children to apply what they have learnt to a variety of situations. They think ‘outside the box’ challenging themselves, developing their Mastery of Maths.

Maths celebrations

Maths is celebrated throughout the school through different ways.
Maths Week: Our last Maths week was incorporated into each year group’s topic for that term and was celebrated with parent’s via a market place in the school hall.

Maths week 11th February - 15th February 2019

Children took part in Maths games, investigations and challenges to support their understanding of Maths. We then celebrated our work with our parents via a Maths market place.


Years R, 1 and 2 related their Maths learning to their topic, "How to catch a star". Children were learning by adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying stars. They were also looking at different shapes and their properties.

Years 3 and 4 related their Maths week to their topic: Manea and the local area. They used set criteria based on area and perimeter to design a house that would be suitable for Manea. They then built their houses in their Design and Technology lessons!

Years 5 and 6 related their Maths learning to their Space topic. They designed space and moon buggies in their Science lessons and tested them fairly using their Maths knowledge of length and time.

This year’s Maths week is coming soon, and this page will be updated soon with more information.


Maths Challenge: In May 2019, four Year 5 children took part in a local Maths Challenge competition at a nearby school. They were faced with high order thinking problems and estimation which they had to work together as a team to answer. They did really well and came fourth in the competition, which was only half a mark from third place. Please see our Community Links page for more information.

Times Tables Rockstars: Since November 2018 we have been celebrating the KS2 class and individual children who practise their times tables via the Times Tables Rockstars website. The website can be found using the following link:


Interventions and resources

We recognise that some children may need extra support in Maths. We have different programmes we use to support these children, which include: Talking boxes, Numicon, Success at Arithmetic and Success at Calculation.

How can you help your child's Maths learning at home?

Any boardgame will help your child to move along a number line and a number square at school. Any boardgame with two or more dice will help you child add numbers together.


Below are a list of games you can play at home which can support your child in using and applying Maths:


  • Battleships (this helps with reading co-ordinates)
  • Monopoly (this helps with adding money, working out change, multiplying the number on the dice)
  • Dominoes (adding numbers together, number bonds)
  • Sudoku (strategy game in working with numbers 0-9)


Below are some tutorials to help you help your children with addition and subtraction calculations at home.


Below are photos to support you adding at home.


Below are photos to support you subtracting at home.

TA training day - May 2019

Teaching assistants from KS1 and KS2 shared with the rest of the teaching assistant team, the different ways they support children with their Maths work. 

KS1 showed us lots of different activities that are linked to the current topic and to different programmes such as Numbers and Patters and Numicon.

KS2 showed us how to solve different calculations for the different operations.

The teaching assistants had the opportunity to try all the different activities and methods which helped them to understand how children's progress throughout the school with their Maths learning.

The teaching assistants also discussed the Maths calculation policy and we discussed the different types of questions we could use to support and extend Maths learning for children.


The feedback from the teaching assistants was:

  • I enjoyed Maths - leaving a gap for carrying over was a fab tip
  • Learning Year 6 Maths techniques was really good.
  • Fun, informative and nice to have reminders to see how other people do things.