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Monday 18th



Duration: 15 minutes


While you are at home, we will be focusing on reading and spelling high frequency words. Please read the following words: 








Can you read the following sentences and fill in the missing words. 

Guided reading: 

LO: Decode words for reading. 


Read this text and answer the questions. 


Duration: One hour

Chapter 3 - Lucy

Learning Objective: To write a diary entry as Lucy. 


Imagine you are Lucy. Copy the following diary entry and fill in the missing parts to the sentence. You can re-watch the video to help you. 


Dear Diary

Today I told my brothers and sister about....................

They did not believe me. I felt ......................

I showed them the wardrobe. When I opened the door there was ......................

My brother was horrible to me. He ..........................

Goodnight Diary. 

Love Lucy





Duration: One hour


Stater: Please complete the 2x table activity. 

Learning Objective: To know how many hours in a day, how many minutes in an hour and how many seconds in a minute. 

Seconds, Minutes and Hours for Kids - Classroom video

Now try to answer the following questions: 


1. How many hours in one day? 

2. How many seconds in one minute? 

3. How many days is 24 hours? 

4. How many minutes in one hour? 

5. How many minutes makes 60 seconds? 

6. How many hours is 60 minutes?

7. What could you do in one second?

8. What could you do in one minute?

9. What could you do in one hour?

10. How many hours do you spend playing computer games a day? :)



Duration: One hour


Please see the main class page for this activity as Mr Lenton has prepared a video and activity. 


Duration - 10 minutes

Active 8 Minute Workout for kids