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Monday 1st

Monday 1st


Duration: 15 minutes


Please see the main class page. 


Duration: 15 minutes


Please fill in the gaps using your spelling words. 



Duration: One hour



LO: To write an explanation text on a topic of your choice. 


For the past few weeks, you have been studying the topic of 'explanation texts' and you have been writing your own. Today, you will choose your own topic to write about. This can be any topic of your choice so pick something you are interested in, for example, computer games or a hobby. Look back on your report on Manea to help you.


I have included a checklist of what you might like to include. I will be asking you about these on the Friday zoom session. 


Remember to include: 

Capital letters

Full stops

A heading

An introduction - one or two sentences will be enough

Two or three subheadings

One or two sentences after each subheading. 

A drawing or diagram


Duration: 20 minutes


Duration: One hour


Starter: Please complete these multiplication grids using your 2x, 3x and 4x table. You can write them out to start with if this will help. For example, if you write out the following and then do the same for the 3x and 4x table, you will then be able to refer to them when completing your table. 


1 x 2 =

2 x 2 = 

3 x 2 = 

4 x 2 = 



Learning Objective: To be able to find ten more or ten less of a number. 


Please watch the attached video to show you how to do this. 

10 More, 10 Less | Math Song for Kids | Adding & Subtracting by 10 | Jack Hartmann


Duration: One hour


Please see the main class page as Mr Lenton has prepared today's lesson for us. 


Duration: 10 minutes

Active 8 Minute Workout 4 Kids


Duration: 15 minutes

Chapter 5 - With permission from Simon and Schuster