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Numicon activities

Numicon activities

The you tube videos show you different activities you can complete with your child. The numicon number frames are included as an attachment.

5 Easy Ways to Use Numicon to Help Early Numeracy at Home | Kin Learning

Discover 5 easy and fun ways to build your child's early numeracy skills at home using Numicon.The product used in the video can be bought on Amazon here - h...

Introduction to Numicon

Numicon is a hands on, practical way of representing number.

Year 5/P6: Large numbers with Numicon (ages 9-10)

Teach a child about numbers up to 1,000,000 by following this activity. To complete this activity you'll need Multi link cubes and a Numicon feely bag, find ...

Bus Stop Division with Numicon

One way to use Numicon to aid understanding of bus stop division