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Reading at Manea Community Primary School

At Manea Community Primary School we see reading as an integral part of the school curriculum that impacts upon all learning. We value the importance of being a confident reader and work hard to develop our children’s reading skills.


We are committed to developing our children as readers, fostering a lifelong love of books and reading throughout their primary school life and way beyond. We want children to enjoy reading a wide range of different books and be able to talk about books and authors.


We know how vital it is for parents and carers to work with the school in developing their child to become a reader. This takes time and commitment but will benefit your child for the rest of their life. Please find below some useful ideas on how to best to support your child with reading at home. Children who read out loud and are read to at home, all the way through their primary school years, benefit more than those that stop during the primary years. 

Reading with your children

Get the most out of reading with your child with these tips. Here are some ideas for you to bring the written word...




Our school follows the Letters and sounds documentation for phonics and implement elements of the Story Time Phonics program and Jolly Phonics .   As a school we endeavor to create a meaningful and enjoyable phonic environment which the children feel empowered in their learning.  We have been celebrated in our local county with our approach to phonics and our session has been recorded in order to train other schools and highlight good practice.  We utilise all resources to our disposal, especially the outdoor area, which gives a meaning to what the children are learning.  Special treasure hunts are organised to develop the use of phonic sounds, reading and completing the action are firm favourites.  Children use the books within the classrooms to become sound investigators and highlight the new sounds being used.  Phonic areas within the foundation and year one classes are vibrant and purposeful, therefore used consistently to further develop learning.


All children from year 3 have accelerated reader log ins. this is a powerful tool to assist in developing a lifelong love of reading. It involves reading specific texts, then answering quizzes which help motivate students of all ages to read more suitably challenging books. 


We are eager to ensure that reading becomes fun and all children participate in whole school reading activities.  Come and read sessions run one morning every week, from 8:30 until 8:45 (see newsletter for more details). This is an opportunity for you to come and listen to your child read or even read them a story in their class setting.


Another approach that we use is DEAR which stands for Drop Everything And Read. When the children hear a whistle being blown they know to drop what they are doing and grab a book to read, the adults in their classes join in with them!


Finally, buddy reading takes place regularly and consists of two classes coming together to share texts with one another. The children at Manea Community Primary school all take part and enjoy these various activities. 

Key Stage 2 Reading Race. 


In Key Stage 2, reading is celebrated every week through the reading race. On a Thursday morning, the children bring in their reading records and their reads for the week are counted. One read is the same as 10 minutes of reading at home.