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Thursday 25th



Can you read these words? How quickly can you read them? Time yourself and then try again letter and see if you can improve your score. 

Task: Choose an air word from the list and write a sentence which contains it. Repeat with three more words. 



Warm-up: Have a look at this picture from an area in Manea. Write a sentence about it which contains two adjectives (describing words). 


E.g. The Church is _________ and _____________. 



Main: To Write a paragraph


Yesterday we started to write information about Manea. 



Task: Today I would like you to pick a different area to write about e.g. Things to do in Manea. Write at least three sentences and remember to use your full stops and capital letters.  

Guided Reading:

LO: To answer questions about a text  



Have a go at retelling the story using these pictures: 



Use the text in order to answer questions.