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Thursday 28th


LO: To write words containing the AR sound. 

Have a look at the pictures below. Write the words to go with them- making sure you include the ar sound. 

Now put the ar sound into these words. What words have you made? Read them out loud to an adult. 

Finally, complete the sentences using different ar words. 

Literacy:  To plan a story

Warm up: Think of at least two adjectives (describing words) to describe this picture. Then use them in a sentence. 


LO: To understand what I have read.   

Read the short sentences and then add more information to the pictures based on what you have read.  


LO: Find ten more than a given number using a hundred square

Starter: Warm up today by practising your number bonds to 10. 


Main:  Practise counting in tens and then watch the video, which will help you to add ten using a hundred square. Then have a go at the adding ten space race- don't forget to use the hundred square in your pack.


Adding 10 on a 100 square