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Thursday 7th


Let's start our Thursday with a little positivity. 

Think of three things that are going well at the moment, what are you really  pleased with? What do you think the best thing about staying at home is?


Guided reading 

Let's explore the vocabulary which is going to be in the text we read tomorrow. Have a look at the words on the sheet below and draw a picture for each word.  


Warm up by practising your counting again! If you can, go outside in your garden. Ask somebody to give you a number between 20 and 30. Can you do that many star jumps? Can you kick a ball 35 times? Keep practising your counting whilst completing different activities. 


Main: How did you get on with your ten times tables yesterday? Let's keep practising today. If I said 40.. How many tens would that be? How about 50? 


Try the worksheet below. 


Lets start with your phonics again and look at the 'ai' sound. Have a go at matching the pictures and words below. 


Now I would like you to look at the photo below of the characters from our story. Write at least three sentences describing them.