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Tuesday 23rd

Today's Zoom meeting is at 1 O'clock. Please make sure you follow the correct email link, for Tuesdays. 



- We will be discussing today's Literacy. Please bring with you ideas for why people would want to live in Manea. 

- We will start reading our new book! 

- Please think about any questions you have for this week's learning. 



Duration: 15 minutes


Please fill in the gaps using your spelling words. 




This week we are looking at the air trigraph. Click the picture below to load the BBC website. You will find a video you can watch and some games you can play on this link. 


Read the words below, which ones are real and which are made up?



Warm-up: Have a look at this picture from an area in Manea. Write a sentence about it which contains two adjectives (describing words). 


E.g. The lake is _________ and _____________. 


Main: To plan an explanation text- create sub-headings. 


At the end of this week, we will be writing an explanation text with the title: 


Why do people want to live in Manea? 


Today we are going to make a start by thinking about what makes Manea a great place to live. 


Can you group your ideas into sub-headings?  e.g. Things to do, Places to walk etc.  There is no need to write the information today, just write down at least five different sub-headings. 


Please bring your ideas to today's Zoom meeting as we will brainstorm some of our ideas together. 

Guided Reading:

LO: To recall events from a story



Warm up by revisiting these words: can you read them and say what they mean? Wanted, won, race, cry, together


Main: Re-read the text. Can you retell what happened? Draw a picture of what happened and then explain it to an adult.



Warm-up: Numbers to 30 


Can you find the numbers to 30? Perhaps an adult could say a number to you and see if you can find it.

Main: Compare numbers to 30 and beyond