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Tuesday 2nd

Don't forget to complete four hours of learning every day. Here is a suggested timetable for you. Don't forget to also look at the well-being page for activities to help you prepare for your return to school.


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Duration: 15 minutes


Please fill in the gaps using your spelling words. 



 LO: To recognise the 'ure' trigraph. 

Watch the video below, which will introduce our new trigraph. The have a go at reading the different words. 

ure sound - Mr Thorne Does Phonics


Starter LO: To count forwards and backwards.

Practice counting forwards and backwards within one hundred- using a hundred square to help you

Main LO: To subtract within 20 

Lets have a look at some of the vocabulary linked to subtraction. Can you use any of these words in a sentence? 


Today we are continuing to think about subtracting numbers. You could do this by counting backwards on your hundred square- or by using practical equipment from around your house e.g. using pasta. 


Have a go at the challenges below: 







Starter LO: To form a sentence

Can you unjumble these words to form a sentence?

Main LO: To recognise and use noun phrases. Watch the video below to help you identify noun phrases. 


Still image for this video

Write noun phrases using these pictures as inspiration. E.g. the red jacket, the magical book. 


Guided Reading 

Starter LO: To recall previous knowledge

Our text today is called "Stop telling fibs". What does it mean to tell a fib? What fibs do you know that other people may tell?


Main LO: To read a paragraph of text and respond to it through drawing. 

Read the text below