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Tuesday 9th


Please fill in the missing gaps using your spelling words for this week. 



This week we are looking at the trigraph 'ear'. Watch the video below and practise reading the words outloud. 

EAR Trigraph | Phase 3 Phonics

Can you read these words too?


Guided Reading 

To explore characters. In a few days, we are going to be reading a text called 'Forest Sports Day'. 


Have a look at the characters which are going to be in this story. Talk to an adult, if possible, what do you think these characters are going to be like? Which races do you think they will win? 


To give a detailed explanation. 


Watch the video of the Snoozatron below, then see if you can explain how it works to somebody in your house. Don't forget to make sure you say the steps in order- you might want to use words like 'firstly, secondly'. 


The Snoozatron - Cracking Contraptions - Wallace and Gromit

If possible, ask an adult to help you read this text. Do you think it is a good explanation? Did you miss anything out of the explanation you gave? 


Starter: To count in the context of money. 

Can you count home much money each of these ice cream costs? Watch out because some are 1p and others are 2p coins. 

Main: To begin to recognise tally charts. 

Watch the video below to introduce you to tally charts. 

Counting with Tally Marks and Tally Charts |

Now, can you work out how many books each of these children have read?

Activity: Practise using your knowledge of tallying to count things around your house e.g. you could count the different types of toys you have, or perhaps different foods in your cupboard. It's up to you, but try to count things you will find quite a lot of to challenge yourself.