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Wednesday 10th


Add the ear trigraph to these sounds below- what words have you made? Make sure you look at the pictures to help you out. 


Now have a look at the pictures below and see if you can spell the words. 

Guided reading 

LO: To explore vocabulary from a text. 


Have a look at these words- they are all going to come up in the text 'Forest Sports Day'. Do you know what they mean? Practise reading them with an adult and explain what you think each word means. Challenge: Can you use them in a sentence? 


LO: To use time connectives 


Have a look at the time connectives below. Which ones do you think we would use if we were explaining something? Write these down because they may help you later! 

Can you order the time connectives? Which ones are you likely to use at the start of an explanation? Which one would come at the end? 



Write at least three sentences, which start with a time connective about the following machine. It's a machine which will get you out of bed in the morning! You can decide how it works. 



LO: To count money

Use your knowledge of counting in twos, fives and tens to find the total amount in each of these jars. 


LO: To begin to recognise pictograms. 

Click here to watch the BBC video, which introduces pictograms. 


Have a look at the pictogram below- what can you see?


Have a go at creating your own pictogram. You could use the data you collected yesterday- or think of your own things you could count. Perhaps you could ask friends and family their favourite chocolate bar and put those in a pictogram?