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Monday 11th January

Monday 11th January

Timetable - Monday 11th January



Newspaper report writing

Guided Reading



Shop work

Calculating Area


Over learning words & spellings





In this unit you will be writing a newspaper report based on Spiderman. On Friday you wrote a headline for your newspaper based on the clip below. Today I would like you to watch the clip again and make notes using the following questions:

1) What can you see?

2) What can you hear?

3) If you were there how would you be feeling? Write down all your feelings.

4) What are the other people doing? What are the policy doing?

5) What does Spiderman do?

6) What could happen next?

You will need to fast forward the clip to 16 minutes to watch the clip again, and you can watch it as many times as you like.

(This lesson has been produced by Oak Academy and is deemed suitable for classroom use in upper primary school. It contains a clip from a PG film which contains moderate violence.)

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Guided Reading

Today I would like you to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit on the attached  PowerPoint. When you have finished the story, please answer the following questions:

1. What did Mrs Rabbit buy at the baker's?

2. Why does Mr McGregor not like Peter Rabbit?

3. How did Peter get caught in the gooseberry net?

4. If you were a rabbit would you behave like Peter or like his sisters?

5. Do you think Peter learned his lesson?

Maths - Shop work

You will need some coins to do this task. Ask you parents/carers if there are any you can use. Make up 10p in coins, in as many different ways you can. You may want to use a grid like this:





Maths - Calculating Area

Today you will be working out the area of a shape. The area of a shape is the space inside a shape. We can calculate the area by counting the squares inside a shape. Count the squares inside each of the shapes on the document below.

Over learning of words

In any way you can, in chalk on the ground outside, spelt in pasta shapes, whiteboard and pen, in sand etc, copy and write the following words 5 times:







Practise your spellings which are the same as last week.

Group 1 spellings are: lamb, limb, climb, bomb, thumb, scent, science, scene, scenic, scissors, ascent, descend, crescent, obscene, muscle.

Group 2 spellings are: spacious, gracious, vicious, malicious, officious, atrocious, precious, delicious, conscious, suspicious infectious, contentious, pretentious, ambitious, nutritious.

Group 3 spellings are: gail, nail, tail, aim, rail, jail, paint, faint, train, main.



Ask an adult to read through the powerpoint below with you, so you can learn what life was like for the Anglo Saxons. The activity on is on the end slide, and I have added a link to BBC Bitesize if you would like to find out more information. Remember, to send in your work to