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Monday 18th January

Monday 18th January


Remember the Spiderman clip from the newspaper report last week. Now write down what the bystanders (people who actually saw the event) thought or said about it. You can either print this out with the speech marks or draw your own bystanders, using speech marks to show what they have said.

Maths - Over learning of numbers

Think of a number between 1 and 100 and show that number in a variety of ways. This could be drawn on the ground, built as a number, shown in the number of objects. Use the dienes from your resource pack to build the number using tens and ones. Repeat with another number.

Maths rounding

We are looking at rounding two digit numbers today. We look at the units number and this will tell us to round up to the nearest ten or down to the nearest ten. If the units/ones number is 1, 2, 3, 4 then you round down; if it is 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 then you round up to the nearest ten. The attached poster helps you with this. Then try completing the worksheet below too.


We have changed the spelling test day to a Tuesday. These are the spellings we gave you last week and you practised yesterday. Ask someone in your household to read the words out to you one at a time, then write the words down. The mark the spellings afterwards. We would love to know what your score is. Good luck!


Group One

gnarled, gnaw, gnash, gnome, gnat, sign, design, resign, reign, foreign, knave, knee, know, knuckle


Group Two

facial, special, official, social, crucial, partial, essential, martial, potential, substantial, initial, palatial, financial, commercial, provincial


Group Three

sing, ring, thing, singer, bring, fling, jungle, swing, longer, king



The Battle of Hastings is an important historic event which marked the end of the Anglo-Saxon period. Make sure you have done your Guided Reading first before completing this activity, as it will give you a background of what happened.

The Bayeux Tapestry is a famous piece of art work, embroidered not long after the battle, which shows what happened. Watch the BBC Bitesize clip below which gives you more information about it. Then look underneath the link for your activity today.

The Bayeux Tapestry depicts the Battle of Hastings in scenes. I would like you to produce 4 different scenes of the Battle of Hastings. This can be done outside (outdoor learning opportunity) to show these scenes. You can use/make props to use, dress up, use members of your family etc, to show the battle - it's entirely up to you.

Challenge: Describe the soldier's feelings from the scenes you have created. What is going through their mind? What do you think they are thinking about? feeling?

Send your pictures into the class page - we would love to see them!


Look at this picture below and write 5 different sentences about it using the shared writing checklist in your resource pack.