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L.O. To design a Maths board game.

This week we are going to be focusing on the four operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. You will create your own version of a Maths board game, which focuses on challenges to do with the four operations. I don't mind how you design the layout of your game. It could be like a Snakes and Ladders board, monopoly, a racetrack. But scattered about your board needs to be the four symbols for the operations (e.g. +) which players land on and then have to complete a challenge for to continue. You will be making the challenge cards for the game over the coming week, but today I would like you to focus on making the board and thinking of the rules for your game. Try not to make it overly complicated, as it can put people off playing. Below are some ideas for the design of your game. They are not all focused on the four operations, but you may want to go with a similar look.