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Thursday 21st May

Hello Beech Class,


Well done for another week of home learning!

Have a look at one of the great games that one of your friends has created!



We have learnt about lots of different faiths while we have been in Year 2.

We have learnt about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This half term we will learning about Sikhism.


This video gives you a little bit of a background about Sikhism.

What is Sikhism? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Sikhism

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Eleven-year-old Simran introduces the Sikh religion and describes the key beliefs and practices in following the Sikh way of lif...

Did you notice the the Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple)? (1:18 into the video) Doesn’t it look amazing! Can you talk to your grown up about the things that you notice about the temple?

I’d like you to create an image of this temple. You could draw it or paint it. You could build it using construction toys. It’s up to you. I can’t wait to see the things that you have created!


Let me know how you’re getting on with Mrs Kyne’s cooking and Mr Tull’s challenges!


Have you had a look at Mr Lenton’s forest school page? He’s got some fab ideas for things that you can do at home to keep up with your forest school learning.


As we know it is so important to keep ourselves active and healthy. This week I would like you to challenge yourself to develop an active skill. This could be seeing how many star jumps you can do in one minute and seeing if you can do a few more each day. You could practice your balancing skills and see how long you can hold a balance for, can you challenge yourself to hold this for a little longer each day?



This week I would like you to play eye spy! I’d like you to use your phonics to think about which things start with the sound you have been given. You could do this inside or outside.

Can you challenge yourself to use your phonic skills to record the things that you have seen?


Your reading task this week requires a little bit of building skill! I’d like you to make yourself a little reading den and then just hop into your den to enjoy some of your favourite books! You could do this inside or outside. Just remember that lots of your grown-ups are working from home and are very busy, so make sure you use things that you can put away yourself! You could even invite your grown up in for a story- I’m sure they’d enjoy a little break!



Oh no! I’ve just had a call from school! All of the numbers in the classrooms have run away! Apparently they have been hiding on houses, telephones, clocks and lots of other places. Would you be able to go on a hunt and look for them? Could you take some photographs of where you find them?


I’d also like you to work on your sharing skills. Can you choose some things to share out fairly with someone in your household? Can you share things between more than two people? How do you make sure that sharing is fair?


Have a go at this game to work on your sharing skills.

As always, I’m incredibly proud of all of you. Not only your hard work but also your brilliant attitudes to learning and the care and compassion you show the people around you.

Keep sending your work in to


After the half-term break we will be changing the upload day to a Monday, the next date that I will be uploading is Monday 1st June.


Take care,

Miss Pritchard